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Cloudium Systems - Pioneering innovative high-performance solutions for remote rich media applications.

Cloudium Systems will enable our partners and customers deliver high performance, low cost, scalable remoting solutions.  We deliver the same high fidelity user experience in a network or cloud environment as a user would experience directly from their local computing resource, but at significantly reduced cost.  Our unique modular design approach enables partners to select and integrate a range of components based on their current needs.  We can supply software, silicon, services, and appliances


Why Virtualization

Enterprises constantly seek to achieve significant savings when providing computing resources to employees. A compelling way to achieve these savings is to leverage server-based desktop virtualization.
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Barriers to Adoption

The key inhibitor for mainstream users has been the unacceptable user-experience - poor video/audio performance and peripheral compatibility. Cloudium Systems will resolve these problems.
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Market View: Analysts

IDC, Gartner and Goldman-Sachs all forecast major growth of desktop virtualization over the next five years reaching 10-25% of enterprise PCs from much less than 1% today.
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